The project explores and demonstrates the application of technologies based on artificial intelligence to increase the resilience and general stability of the future energy GRID, which has to cope with an increasing percentage of renewable energy sources. This future grid will have a cellular structure, with individual assets in the cells monitored and controlled by smart ICT.

The main objective of FUSE is to develop and demonstrate innovative ICT‐based solutions for demand response and predictive maintenance.

FUSE will achieve this objective by developing a hierarchical, highly scaleable ICT architecture that enables secure upstream and downstream data‐flows and supports data processing (using artificial intelligence) on all levels of the hierarchy.

In pilot implementations in Germany and Finland, this architecture will be demonstrated to support both decentralized, self‐optimizing Demand Side Management (smart DSM), as well as condition monitoring (CM) and predictive maintenance (PM).

The project will leverage unique expertise in Finland and Germany in artificial intelligence, ICT, and energy systems technology. In a close cooperation of Finnish and German industry, SMEs, and research institutes, the project will develop innovative solutions for the energy market.

In this project ALL4IP TECHNOLOGIES is participating on level 3 (visualization).